First Meet-and-Greet a Success!
February 23, 2023
March Reflection from Our Executive Director
March 1, 2023

Weekly Discounts on Online Courses for New York Social Workers

Each week for the one of our online, self-study courses for NY social workers will be featured. Sign up for the highlighted course during that week and receive 10% off!

February 20-26

This week's highlighted course is What Social Workers Should Know About End of Life Care. This course provides an overview of end of life treatment options, advance care planning, palliative care, life-sustaining treatments and hospice. After completing the course, participants will be better prepared to help their clients have their health care wishes honored and receive more effective end of life care. This course will be 10% off with code Feb20 between February 20-26. Use the button below to sign up (discount code automatically applied).
Last Week's Discount

February 13-19

We are starting with our Grief & Aspects of the African American Experience course. Grief is a universal process with unique and holistic features for each griever. The pandemic has emphasized our culture’s need to have more conversation about death, dying and loss. This course will explore grief, its common manifestations and how we can cope in a time where common strategies are not possible. It also takes a special look at elements of grief from the African American perspective, highlighting how social inequities frame and impact African American grief.

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