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November 23, 2022
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December 7, 2022

URGENT CALL TO ACTION! A.8472 (Gottfried) / S.9387 (Krueger): A Bill to Prohibit the Establishment of New For-Profit Hospices in NYS

From our friends at the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of New York State (HPCANYS):

A.8472 (Gottfried) / S.9387 (Krueger): A Bill to Prohibit the Establishment of New For-Profit Hospices in NYS

HPCANYS has been well-aware of the growing problem of fraudulent and harmful practices by some for-profit and private equity-backed providers across the nation. We are proud that 95% of New York’s hospices are not-for-profit, and that the two for-profit hospices in the State have an excellent care record.

We are advocating for the prompt enactment of A.8472 (Gottfried) / S.9387 (Krueger,) which was passed by the legislature and would prohibit the establishment of new for-profit hospices in the State. The bill awaits action by the Governor, which must be taken by the end of the year.


Please contact the Governor’s office & your local legislators to express your strong support & the need for this legislation to be enacted.

Contact information for the Governor’s Office is as follows:

Note - Office hours for this line are 9:00 am to 5:00pm

Governor Hochul Email Contact Form
Please note you will have to copy and paste your advocacy document into the online form.

Please also mail a hard copy directly to the following Physical Address:
The Honorable Kathy Hochul
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Please be advised we have been contacted by media outlets from across the State, and the bill is a topic of interest and dialogue.

Attached for your review are the Associations recommendations to the DOH regarding the State’s Certificate of Need (CON) which has also been shared with the Governor and CMS; the Association’s letter to the Governor in support of the above-referenced bill; the Association’s Memo of Support; and the press statement issued earlier this week by our Association. Please feel free to use the documents for your own advocacy efforts.

Please contact us with any questions.

Thank you for supporting HPCANYS during this pivotal & defining process.

Warm Regards,
Cheryl A. Kraus, Esq.
Director, Government Relations and Policy

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