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October 7, 2022
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October 20, 2022

Remembering Faith Sommerfield

Faith Sommerfield, Founder of The Completed Life Initiative, and a true visionary, died on September 27th at the Pegasos Swiss Association in Basel, Switzerland. She was 82.

Faith was a life-long advocate for a person’s right to self-determination. Having come to the conclusion that her life was complete, and suffering from chronic pain, she decided to go to Switzerland, where her choice to pursue Voluntary Assisted Dying is permitted. Her decision to end her life when and how she did was consistent with her values and the end-of-life options she advocated for in the United States.

We at End of Life Choices New York are very grateful to have known and worked with Faith who was a great supporter of our work. We will miss our valued colleague and friend.

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