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June 3, 2022
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June 23, 2022

New Ask Judy article — VSED: Discussing intentions & obtaining symptom management

By Judy Schwarz, PhD

Despite the growing awareness of voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED) as a legal end of life option for hastening death, there continues to be a considerable amount of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding what is involved in this option. What follows is my response to two frequently asked questions about VSED.

Why do I have to discuss my intention to VSED with anyone? Isn’t it my body and my choice?

Many people believe they can achieve a hastened death by VSED without anyone’s assistance or support. While it is true that people have died this way for generations without medical support, they probably endured a good deal of suffering. Palliative (or hospice) medical support for the symptoms associated with dying by dehydration can facilitate a peaceful, relatively pain-free death. Family members or close friends who understand the decision… click here to continue reading

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