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May 20, 2022
New Ask Judy article — VSED: Discussing intentions & obtaining symptom management
June 3, 2022

New Article Series by Judy Schwarz

What is this article series you might wonder? 

Judith (Judy) Schwarz is a PhD-prepared nurse, and has provided end of life counseling for 20 years for adults with living incurable/progressive or terminal illnesses. As the Clinical Director of End of Life Choices New York, she answers questions on a range of end of life topics. All of these questions are both interesting and important. These questions let her know the clinical concerns that are “top of mind” — issues that cannot be ignored and persist over time. Often, just having the opportunity to ask an experienced clinician and share their concerns helps focus the plan for “next steps.”

Asking questions is important because people must have access to accurate and complete information so they can make thoughtful and informed decisions for themselves and/or for dependent family members who have lost the cognitive ability to decide for themselves. 

This article series will cover some of the frequently asked questions Judy receives. These articles will be published on our Medium page, and will be announced via email with a link to access the article.

To learn more about the series, click here.

For those wishing to speak with Judy, please email or call (212) 252-2015 and leave a message with the reason for the call and contact information including best time for a return phone call.


Read the first article in the series

VSED: Discussing intentions & obtaining symptom management

"Despite the growing awareness of voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED) as a legal end of life option for hastening death, there continues to be a considerable amount of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding what is involved in this option. What follows is my response to two frequently asked questions about VSED…Why do I have to discuss my intention to VSED with anyone? Isn’t it my body and my choice? Isn’t dying of starvation a painful death that takes a very long time to achieve?”

To read the article, click here.

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