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February 24, 2023
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March 1, 2023

March Reflection from Our Executive Director

As I've been settling in to my new position as Executive Director at End of Life Choices New York, I've been so impressed with the work we have done. I have spoken with so many donors, supporters, allies and colleagues who are doing this work with all of us and I am so glad to be part of a community that cares so deeply for people at their end of their life.

There is a tradition in my religion that when someone dies, the mourners place dirt on the grave until it is completely filled in. I remember doing this for my own father and feeling the gut-punch when I first heard the sound of the rocks and dirt hitting his coffin. It was so painful. I asked my rabbi why we must do this when it feels so awful and he replied, "Burying the dead is the highest mitzvah [good deed] that we can do for it's the only charitable thing we do for someone that we expect nothing in return from them." Advocating for people at the end of their life is not something we do for accolades or praise, as the people we are advocating for will not be able to thank us when they die.This work is precious. Holy in many ways, no matter your religious beliefs. I just wanted to say thank you for supporting this work in whatever way you are able.

Mandi Zucker, LSW, CT Executive Director

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