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March 29, 2023
Update on End of Life Care
April 12, 2023

Letter from our Executive Director – April 12, 2023


I hope this newsletter finds you well after a joyful holiday season for those that have been celebrating. I was unable to be with much of my family this year, which reminded me how important those relationships are. Sitting around holiday tables, we often share values and beliefs in a conversational way. I remember all of the heated politics, religion and finance conversations around our table as a child, and although we continue to have these uncomfortable conversations, they always teach me a lot about who we are as individuals, families and members of different communities. I missed those conversations this year.

And although we didn't always talk about our end of life wishes at our holiday dinners, it would not have been unusual to do so. Sharing our values with others that mean the most to us is exactly what we always did, and should continue to do. National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16th (because the only two things we can really count on are taxes and death!) honors the importance of these conversations. The Conversation Project has created an easy-to-use guide to starting these conversations. Feel free to use them at your next holiday meal (or, don't wait and use them today!).

Some of you may have received a call to offer you the opportunity to donate to End of Life Choices New York in honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day. Thank you for your generous support if you already donated. And if you haven't, please consider making a financial gift here to ensure the financial stability of this organization moving forward.

Mandi Zucker, LSW, CT
Executive Director

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