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Have you registered yet? One Week Away — Imagining New York After Medical Aid in Dying Legalization

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Imagining New York After Medical Aid in Dying Legalization

October 27, 2022, 6:00pm-7:30pm Eastern
Via Zoom
Medical aid in dying (MAID) is expected to become legal in New York within the next few years. Once it becomes legal, terminally ill patients who have decision-making capacity can request for a doctor to prescribe a life-ending medication which the patient must self-administer, if they choose to do so, to have a peaceful death. As we look toward our future, it is time to imagine and prepare for a New York after MAID legalization.

Join us as we hear from expert panelists in California —including Lonny Shavelson, MD, a prominent end of life physician; Lori Goldwyn, an end of life doula; and Bradley Berman, a filmmaker who documented his close friend's journey with cancer and use of MAID — to explore what we can expect, what we should do to prepare, and what we can hope for once MAID becomes legal in New York.

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Panelist Spotlight

Lori Goldwyn

Lori Goldwyn started out as a birth doula and childbirth educator after having a homebirth, and began working in the end of life field in 2013 when she became a hospice volunteer, shortly after being with her mother as she died. Three years later, Lori happily discovered the existence of end of life doulas, took INELDA’s training, and has continued to develop her doula practice. Since 2018, Lori has focused on helping people who are choosing Medical Aid in Dying, and their families, through the process. She participated in the creation of a training video for doulas with the American Clinicians Academy for Medical Aid in Dying (ACAMAID).

She enjoys providing consultation and mentoring to other doulas/bedside attendants who are working with Aid in Dying clients. Lori is a current and founding member of the Bay Area End of Life Doula Alliance. She has an M.S. degree in Education/Speech & Language Pathology and lives in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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