Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

Gifts of Other Assets

Gifts can take many shapes and sizes. Prized possessions such as collections, historic artifacts, boats or planes all can make wonderful gifts to enhance our mission. Giving one of these unique gifts requires a special process, but we can help you along the way.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Proprety

The tax deductibility of your gift of tangible assets varies depending on whether it is related to our mission or not-related:

  • Fair market value: the deduction will be the full fair-market value if the asset is use related to our exempt purposes.
  • Your cost basis: if the asset is not related to our exempt purposes, End of Life Choices New York ‘s policy is to sell the property to redeploy the proceeds to advance our mission. Under this scenario, you may be eligible for a tax deduction of your cost-basis for the gift.

Benefits to You

  • Generous support to End of Life Choices New York
  • Possible income tax deduction
  • Avoid capital gains tax for long-term property gifted and used to achieve our mission
  • Remove the asset from your estate

Next Steps

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The gift descriptions are for informational purposes and are not legal or tax advice. To ensure that this gift fits your particular circumstances and planning, please consult with your professional advisers.