Focus Groups

End of Life Choices New York will sometimes hold focus groups to learn about a range of end of life issues, and how best to address them. Often, these focus groups will focus on serving particular communities that are not reached or benefitted by existing programs.

If we have any upcoming focus groups, we will list them below, including the criteria to qualify as a focus group member. We appreciate your interest and hope to connect with you!

Upcoming Focus Groups (All Virtual due to Covid-19)

Caring Conversations to Improve End of Life Care for Black New Yorkers

End of Life Choices New York is a non-profit organization with a mission to expand end of life options, improve end of life care, and promote healthcare equity at the end of life. Our goal is for all New Yorkers to have a peaceful death and receive end of life care in alignment with their wishes and values. 

The COVID-19 crisis has shed a glaring light on not only the health and healthcare related inequities faced by the Black community, but it has also exposed the need for caring conversations relative to end of life care. As we work to ensure that all New Yorkers can have the end of life care they desire, we realize the need to foster and facilitate open dialogue and create solutions that are community driven.

Therefore, if you are a Black New Yorker whose work serves Black families, we invite you to engage in a community conversation around the end of life needs of Black New Yorkers. In particular, we would like to hear from those that have professional perspectives in law, public health, social services, medicine, community organizing, nonprofit sector, and other on the ground work.

We will host two (2) sessions and would appreciate your input and experiences through this process.

Please register for one of the two sessions below and complete this form so we can learn more about you. Also, please feel free to pass this along to any colleagues whom you believe could add value to the conversation.

Caring Conversations for End of Life Care

October 8th, 1pm-3pm 

November 8th, 1pm-3pm. Register here.

Remember to complete this form after registering.