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If we are going to continue to make progress in all of our many activities to improve end of life care and expand options for all of us at life’s end, we need to engage in many more efforts. We need your help to do so.


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Knowledge is power. To advocate for our own end of life care, we need to know our rights and make plans. Host a presentation for your organization to educate staff, consumers, or members about 'end of life' options in New York. Email to schedule a presentation by one of our speakers. You can also send us names of other organizations that might be interested in hosting a presentation.

Are there meetings or conferences that you attend where we might be able to speak or provide information about End of Life Choices New York? Please tell us of meeting contact people we might reach out to with your help.


EOLCNY is the leading organization in New York working to improve end of life care and expand end of life options. Add EOLCNY to your list of resources on your website and share our educational materials at your programs.

Our staff will discuss any end of life issues that are of concern. We can answer questions about end of life planning, hospice care and palliative care. We can provide guidance in completing advance directives, such as New York State Health Care Proxies. We provide free individual counseling to patients and their families about end of life issues.


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Talk about the movement to improve care and expand choices at life’s end with your community and tell people about End of Life Choices New York specifically. Tell them how important it is to have a health care proxy. Let them know about proposed legislation and litigation in New York to establish Medical Aid in Dying here, just as it is legal now in nine other states plus Washington D.C. (Medical Aid in Dying is the process by which a mentally competent, terminally ill adult patient obtains a prescription of medicines which the patient may ingest to end suffering and achieve a peaceful death.


Send your New York State legislators a letter of support. Please write your legislators and ask them to support the Paulin/Savino Medical Aid in Dying bill.

  • To find the name of your state assembly representative click here.
  • To find the name of your state senator click here.
  • And for a sample letter you can mail as is or modify, click here.


We are a nonprofit organization and sometimes need help with various tasks and projects. If you would like to volunteer your time, please complete this form. If you have any questions, please email


When you are with family and friends, talk about this movement and about End of Life Choices New York specifically. Tell them how important it is to have a health care proxy and that we can supply them with the necessary forms and provide guidance in completing them. Tell your loved ones we can help with pain management issues. Fifty to seventy million people have chronic pain and many of them are getting inadequate pain care. We can help get them better pain care. We can give advice on filing complaints and even lawsuits if people have suffered unnecessarily. We will discuss any end of life issues that are of concern.


End of Life Choices New York relies on donors to fund our vision to improve the quality of end of life care and give people expanded end of life options, with the assurance that their choices will be respected. Donate here: