We provide guidance and support to individuals and caregivers about end of life choices and options, to facilitate treatment decisions that reflect the values and wishes of the patient. We never charge for these services which are supported by donations.

Support Services

We're here to answer New Yorkers' questions about their end of life concerns.

We have provided direct support services to thousands of New Yorkers on end of life issues. We serve individuals and families who may be facing the end of life or who may simply be trying to plan ahead.

We provide information, advocacy and support regarding end of life choices and options, the goal of which is to facilitate treatment decisions that reflect the wishes and values of the person living with the disease. We understand that if individuals do not have complete information about the pros and cons of various options or interventions, they will not be able to make an informed decision. We counsel those who contact us on effective ways to communicate with health care providers, as well as members of their own families who may have difficulty accepting the patient’s end of life choices.

Patient Support Program

We provide:

  • Information about pain specialists, hospice programs, social service agencies, disease-specific support groups and other resources
  • Assistance to clients in completing advance directives
  • Assistance to clients in talking openly and honestly with families, friends and health care providers about health care wishes
  • Advocacy for patients whose end of life wishes are not being honored
  • Advocacy for patients who may not be getting optimum pain or other symptom management
  • For clients who are terminally ill, decisionally capable and suffering, who request such information, we may discuss effective means for controlling the circumstances and timing of death.