Medical Aid in Dying Stories & Program Updates
December 1, 2021
Update On Our Advocacy Work
December 15, 2021

“Ask Judy” Will Launch Soon

Early next year, End of Life Choices New York will launch a new resource – “Ask Judy”.

Ask Judy will be a searchable archive of information on a broad range of end of life topics. Accurate and complete information is necessary to make thoughtful and informed decisions, and Ask Judy will make this information easy to access all in one location.

You will be able to submit questions anonymously and have them answered by our Clinical Director, Judy Schwarz, as well as our team of staff and consultants. Judy is one of the most experienced and highly respected end of life counselors in the country. She has provided end of life counseling for 20 years for adults with living incurable/progressive or terminal illnesses.

To submit a question in advance, click here.

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