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What is a comfort care home?

Comfort care homes (also known as comfort homes and care homes for the dying) are created by communities and are community-funded. They are actual houses, usually initially privately owned, that become a nonprofit and exist as a place for someone to live while they are dying. There is no cost to the residents, and they are mostly run by community volunteers. Comfort care homes are not an alternative to hospice, but a place where a patient may reside while receiving hospice.

Comfort care homes are helpful for those without individuals who can serve as caregiver, or for whom home is not an option and do not want to, or cannot, go to a nursing home, hospice home, or assisted living facility. Currently, there are over 30 in New York (though none in New York City).

Each comfort care home is independent and manages its own residence. Anyone can reach out, but there is often a wait list, so they should be contacted as early as possible.

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