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If I receive hospice care at home, will a nurse or aide be with me 24/7?

Hospice may provide home health attendants/aids, or volunteers, who can assist you at home for a few hours during the day, if needed. However, hospice care does not include an in-home caregiver that provides round-the-clock care. This care will need to be provided by a family member or loved one, or through a privately paid aide. Hospice care is available by phone at any time of the day or night, but does not include a consistent caregiver. There are resources available to support family/friend caregivers.

If no one is available to serve as a caregiver, and privately paid aides are not an option, then residential care may be best (e.g., hospice home, nursing home, comfort home). Unfortunately, in some rural parts of the state, hospice homes are not available. However, a growing number of comfort homes may meet this need.

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