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What is a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR)?

A Do Not Resuscitate Order is a type of advance directive initiated by a medical provider, often referred to as a DNR. A non-hospital DNR can be completed for patients who are not currently in the hospital, and do not want to be resuscitated (e.g., if 911 is called).

A DNR instructs medical personnel not to attempt to revive you if your heart stops beating or you stop breathing – it only covers these circumstances and not other situations. For some New Yorkers, it is important that everything possible is done to keep them alive, while others feel that they would not want to be resuscitated. Reasons someone may not want to be resuscitated include, but are not limited to: if they are terminally ill, or when the likelihood of survival is low due to age or other factors, or they are worried that if they do survive there is a risk of brain damage that would stop them from returning to the life they had before the incident. These are very personal decisions, and again there are no right or wrong answers. If you do not want to be resuscitated, you should talk to your medical provider about a DNR. If you would want to be resuscitated do not complete a DNR.

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