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How should I store my advance directive?

It is important that you make these directives readily accessible. Do not put the directive(s) in your safety deposit box or a file in your desk, because if you’re unable to communicate, it might not be found in time to be used. Directives should be in an easily accessible location, and copies should be shared (see above). You may also wish to consider keeping a copy on your cell phone, or in your wallet or purse. Bring a copy if you are admitted to the hospital, even for minor surgery, or if you undergo an outpatient procedure. We also recommend asking your medical providers to upload a copy into your medical record. If you ever change your directives, make sure you share these as well and carry a new copy.

With regards to the DNR and MOLST forms, if you have a completed copy, we recommend printing it out and putting it up by the front door of your home (the MOLST form should ideally be printed in its traditional bright “pulsar” pink paper to be immediately recognizable). Emergency medicine technicians are trained to look for these forms, and if they do not see them, then they will likely begin attempting resuscitation.

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