Please look up your state representatives and ask them to support the Medical Aid In Dying bill.

Contact Legislators

Please call and write your legislators and ask them to support the Medical Aid in Dying bill.

Instructions: To use this letter, you can copy it and cut/paste it into an email; or you can copy it and cut/paste it into a document and print it out and send it by postal mail. You may also use this language in a phone call to your representative. Please feel free to personalize and modify it.

You can find the mailing and email addresses and phone numbers for your legislators here.

Please also consider calling the legislative offices of the Health Committees. Their names and contact information can be found here.


Dear [Name of representative]:

As your constituent, I’m writing to express my strong support for A. 995 (Paulin)/S. 2445 (Hoylman-Sigal), legislation to provide terminally ill New Yorkers with the option of medical aid in dying.

Medical aid in dying is the process by which terminally ill, mentally competent adult patients under a doctor’s care may obtain and self-administer medicine which would enable them to end their suffering and achieve a peaceful death.

The bill includes numerous safeguards to protect patients, reflecting the lessons learned in states where aid in dying is already legal including Oregon, Washington, Vermont, California, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, New Jersey, D.C., Maine, and New Mexico.

I urge you to sponsor A. 995 (Paulin)/S. 2445 (Hoylman-Sigal), if you are not yet a sponsor, and to vote for it.


[Your name]

Thank you for helping us to make Medical Aid In Dying legal in New York!