New Yorkers Continue to Wait for Medical Aid in Dying
June 21, 2023

A fond farewell to one of our most dedicated….

Since I began as the Executive Director 10 months ago, there have been a lot of changes at End of Life Choices New York. We have been able to hire a full-time Program Director and our first Development Manager. This has all been possible because of the generous support of our donors, and the incredible need for the services this organization offers.

And since nothing ever stays the same, we are also announcing the retirement of our longtime Clinical Director, Judith Schwarz. Judy has been supporting patients and families at the end of their lives for over 20 years through this organization, and her gifts and talents will be missed. Although those of you that know her, know that she herself is irreplaceable, the role she has filled will be assumed by the Program Director.

We know so many of you have been touched by her work. We are looking for opportunities to send Judy into retirement with the best wishes, so if you have words you would like to share with her, please forward them to me and I will be sure she gets them in a special way.

Mandi Zucker, LSW
Executive Director

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