We respond to inquiries from all who contact us with questions about their end of life concerns.



End of Life Choices New York pursues legal and legislative reform to ensure a patient's right to a peaceful death.



Knowledge is power. To advocate for our own end of life care, we need to know our rights and make plans.



Advance directives are the key to having your health care wishes respected. It's always too early until it's too late.


featured documents

Dementia Advanced Directive

New Directive: Dementia

About the Advanced Directive for Receiving Oral Foods and Fluids in Dementia

In collaboration with attorneys, palliative care clinicians and others, End of LIfe Choices New York has recently developed an advance directive specifically designed for those with an early stage of Alzheimer's or another dementing disease, or for those with a significant family history of dementia and fears of developing such a disease in the near future.

Click here for a copy of the directive.
Click here for a copy of the press release.

featured videos

NBC Left Field's Video "Trapped in a Dying Body and Barred From Choosing When"

by Carlos P. Beltran: a powerful six-minute documentary featuring End of Life Choices New York; two of our advocates for aid in dying, Scott Barraco and Barbara Backer; and attorney Edwin Schallert. WATCH VIDEO AT NBC

"End of Life Choices in New York State that Permit a Patient-Hastened Death"

Palliative care can enable most people to die a peaceful death, but for a few people, it's not enough. This presentation will discuss two options in New York State that capacitated patients can use to control the circumstances and timing of death. WATCH VIDEO AT YOUTUBE

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