What we Do

SUPPORT : End of Life Choices New York serves individuals, families and others who may be facing the end of life or even just planning ahead. These services include:

  • Information and support to anyone who contacts us, focusing primarily on the terminally ill and their families on a range of end of life issues, including aid in dying
  • Information about pain specialists, hospice programs, social service agencies, disease-specific support groups and others
  • Assistance in completing health care proxies and in talking to families, friends and health care providers about health care wishes
  • Advocacy for people in nursing homes or who are receiving inadequate care

The NY end-of-life care manager or local volunteers work with clients and families either in their community or by phone as appropriate. Most of all, the End of Life Choices New York consultation program offers a chance for those facing a terminal illness and their loved ones to talk openly and honestly about their concerns and options, including aid in dying.

EDUCATION : Knowledge is power. To advocate for our own end-of-life care, we need to know our rights and make plans. End of Life Choices New York offers resources including books, pamphlets, videos and access to a speakers bureau.

We also provide information, counsel and support to individuals facing the end of life. We talk with patients and their families about pain and symptom management, hospice care, and suggest ways they can address concerns with their doctor. For those who are terminally ill and express an interest, we may discuss safe, effective methods for hastening death as an option of last resort.

ADVOCACY : Death doesn’t have to mean suffering. In the event of a terminal illness, we each should have the right to choose the time and manner of our death when the course is prolonged or agonized.

End of Life Choices New York pursues legal and legislative reform to ensure a patients right to a peaceful death, including implementation and enforcement of advance directives, pain and symptom management and legalization of aid in dying.

We work diligently to develop legal strategies for effective pain and symptom management. We encourage continuing education for health care providers and urge disciplinary action for physicians who undertreat pain or do not provide adequate palliative care or honor the health care decisions or wishes of patients at the end of life.

We assist people throughout New York State. Our services are free. Please contact us if we can help in any way.