Get Involved

get-involved-imgIf we are going to continue to make progress in all of our many activities to improve end-of-life care and expand options for all of us at life’s end, we need to engage in many more efforts. We need your help to do so.

  • We need more supporters. Please consider making a contribution to End of Life Choices NY. Do you know people who you think might be interested? Let us know. Is End of Life Choices NY in your will?
  • We would like to make more presentations. Please consider connections you have to religious, community, civic groups, professional organizations, businesses, colleges, and senior groups. All kinds of groups are interested in learning about our issues. Please send us potential groups for presentations.
  • What connections do you have to anyone in the media? Tell us your media contacts. If you see a story or column on end-of-life issues, write a letter to the editor, or
    let us know of your interest and we can help prepare a letter for you or for us to send.
  • What connections do you have to sympathetic health care and other relevant professionals including, doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and lawyers. We need to know who they are so we can inform them about End of Life Choices New York and hopefully get to speak to the organizations they belong to.
  • Are there meetings or conferences that you attend where we might be able to speak or provide information about End of Life Choices New York? Please tell us of meeting contact people we might reach out to with your help.
  • Be a good will ambassador with your friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues. When you are with family and friends, talk about this movement and about End of Life Choices New York specifically. Tell them how important it is to have a health care proxy and that we can supply them with the necessary forms and provide guidance in completing them. Tell your loved ones we can help with pain management issues. Fifty to seventy million people have chronic pain and many of them are getting inadequate pain care. We can help get them better pain care. We can give advice on filing complaints and even lawsuits, if people have suffered unnecessarily because of serious undertreatment. We will discuss any end-of-life issues that are of concern.
  • Volunteer. We sometimes use volunteers to help with various tasks and projects. Please print out and mail us this form if you would like to be contacted when these needs arise, or contact Ayana Woods at