Laurie Leonard

Executive Director

(212) 726-2010

Too many people suffer as they are dying, and it shouldn't have to be that way. Medical advances are in some cases prolonging dying rather than extending life. End of Life Choices New York is committed to allowing people to die on their own terms and to increasing the number of people who die a peaceful death. We do that by educating the public about their options, including advance directives, pain management, hospice, and palliative care; providing counseling to patients and their families; and advocating for the legalization of medical aid in dying and other new laws that will improve end of life care. Funded by donations and grants, our services are free of charge.

Judy Schwarz

Clinical Director

(212) 252-2015

As the Clinical Director of End of Life Choices New York, I work with those who contact our consultation service seeking information, support and advocacy. I still hear from many family members of those we helped years ago – and it continues to be a privilege to provide such assistance. Mine is the voice you will hear when you call our consultation phone number (212-252-2015). Leave me a message with your name and number – and I will call you back as soon as I can. Our goal is to help all who contact us to make informed and thoughtful decisions that reflect their values and wishes, and to assist them to receive excellent end of life care.

David C. Leven

Executive Director Emeritus

(914) 907-6156

In my new position as Executive Director Emeritus and Senior Consultant, I am continuing to devote my energies to activities designed to ensure that patients receive quality care at the end of their lives. I will give lectures to health care and legal professionals and students as well to the public. I will engage in advocacy on the Medical Aid in Dying Act and other legislation designed to improve the care of and respect the wishes of the dying. I will be involved in the lawsuit, Myers v. Schneiderman, seeking to establish aid in dying in New York. And, I will write letters to the editor and op-ed pieces on relevant end of life issues.